Scorpion Solitaire: A Free Online Game

If you’re a big fan of classic Solitaire but are now looking for a new and interesting challenge — you have to try Scorpion solitaire! This game is regarded as one of the more difficult versions of Solitaire, but it’s also one of the most fun and rewarding.

This article covers the most important facts about Scorpion solitaire, including the rules, strategy tips, and more!

What is Scorpion Solitaire?

There are many variations of Solitaire, and Scorpion solitaire is just one of them. But even Scorpion solitaire can come in a few different forms! To avoid confusion, throughout this article, we will be referring to the classic Scorpion solitaire game.

Even though Scorpion solitaire is often likened to the Spider version of Solitaire because of its name, it is actually most similar to Yukon. The goal of the game is to sort the cards into four columns by suit, each beginning with a king and ending with an ace. Once you’ve arranged all the cards correctly, you can move them to your foundations — and you’ve completed the game!

There are a few differences between Scorpion solitaire and the traditional Klondike version. One of the most obvious is that you can only build your columns in the same suit, not in alternating colors as you do in Klondike. You must also build the columns on the main board; only completed sets can be moved to the foundations.

Rules of the Game Solitaire Scorpion

While the gameplay of Scorpion solitaire may seem complicated, the rules are actually quite simple. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a Solitaire beginner or an expert — anyone can learn and master the rules of Scorpion solitaire!

How to Play Scorpion Solitaire

Like most Solitaire variations, Scorpion requires just one player and a standard 52-card deck. It’s no wonder this game is so popular: it’s easy to learn and provides hours of fun! Let’s take a look at the basic steps for playing Scorpion solitaire.

The Setup

Scorpion solitaire has three main components: the head, the body, and the tail. Let’s have a look at how to set them up.

The Head (Foundation)

This is where your completed sets of cards should be moved. It has four empty cells when you set up the game. Once the sequence of the same suit is complete in the tableau, you can move it here.

The Body (Tableau)

The seven columns of cards are placed here during setup. This is also where your gameplay takes place.

At the start of the game, you deal out seven columns of cards. The cards within each pile are positioned descending down the table, with each card slightly overlapping the last. 

Once set up correctly, your Scorpion body should consist of 49 cards total, with some facing down and the majority facing up. Speaking in detail, the first four body piles must contain seven cards each, with the first four cards in those columns face-down and the remaining three face-up. The final three body piles also feature seven cards total, but they all must be face-up.

The Tail (Stock)

After setting up the tableau as we described above, you will have three cards left over. Place these cards, face-down, in a little pile at the top left corner of your table — this is the Scorpion tail (reserve stockpile). You only use the tail as a last resort, much like a real scorpion! 

The Objective of the Game

To win Scorpion solitaire, you must arrange all the cards from the body and the tail into four columns and move them to the head.

However, before moving any of your cards over to the head, make sure you’ve built a complete sequence in descending order and in the same suit! At the top of each column should be a king, and at the bottom, an ace.

Once you have done this, you can move these sets of cards to the head — and you’ve beaten the game!

The Pack

Scorpion solitaire must be played with a 52-card deck and have all jokers (wild cards) removed. It’s completely up to you what type of cards you play with. You can use novelty decks or go for classic hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. The choice is yours!

The Deal

Be sure to always shuffle your deck before you begin. The beauty of playing Scorpion solitaire online is that you don’t have to deal with the cards yourself — just hit ‘start’ and let your computer or phone do all the work!

Once the deck is shuffled, you must set up your cards as we previously outlined. Create seven columns of cards — with the first four featuring face-down and face-up cards and the final three being all face-up. 

As you use 49 cards to deal, you will have three remaining cards. Place your three reserve cards at the top left corner of the board, and you’re ready to get started!

The Play

Any face-up card within the Scorpion body can be moved to pair with a free card of the same suit, but the free card must be one rank higher than the card being moved. It doesn’t matter if you move just one card or an entire group of cards, as long as the cards you’re matching are of the same suit and go in descending rank order.

For example, if you have a free 5 of hearts at the end of a column, you can only place a 4 of hearts on it. This is because a 4 of hearts is one rank lower than a 5 of hearts. 

It doesn’t matter if the 4 of hearts has other cards connected to it — it’s just the 4 of hearts that will connect with the 5 of hearts. You will then work to remove the other cards from this pile as you move through the game.

It’s important to remember that, unlike classic Solitaire, only matching suits can be moved onto each other. The rules of Scorpion solitaire don’t allow cards to be placed in alternating colors or suits.

When you move all the face-up cards from any of the first four columns, you can turn over the exposed face-down card. This then gives you extra cards to use without needing to touch your Scorpion tail.

Also, note that you can only fill an empty space with a king card. Sometimes, emptying a space without having a king card to fill it is a poor choice, but sometimes, it can be a great gameplay strategy!

Online Scorpion solitaire also offers unlimited ‘undos.’ This means you can continuously go back and forth until you make the right move. While reversing a previous move can unstick you from a tough spot, you must remember every undo counts as a move. Avoid using the undo option if you want to keep your total move count low.

If you run out of playable moves and don’t want to use the undo option, you can draw the cards from the reserve deck. All three of these cards are revealed at once and must be placed face-up at the end of the first three columns. So, if you decide to use your Scorpion tail (stockpile), remember it is all or nothing. You cannot take one card from the pile; you must take all three.

To win Scorpion solitaire, you must build each column in descending order and in the same suit! When you complete one suit set, move it straight to the Scorpion head to create more space.

Once you’ve completed all four suits, congratulations! You have just conquered Scorpion solitaire and won the game!

How to Win Scorpion solitaire

When playing Scorpion solitaire, remember that it is not just a game of luck — but one of strategy! Here are some tips to help you beat the game and become a Scorpion solitaire champion.

  • Plan ahead. Don’t make rash decisions; take a moment to consider each possible move and work out the most effective one. One wrong move can cost you the game, so be sure to think before moving!
  • Expose all face-down cards. You want to reveal as many cards as quickly as possible to have more moves at your disposal.
  • Avoid uncovering aces. Aces can’t be moved into your foundations like in standard Solitaire, and as there is no card lower than an ace — this could potentially create a dead end for you. Try to keep all of your aces hidden until you’ve used up the rest of your cards.
  • Don’t instantly fill empty columns. Keeping empty columns free is a great strategy to follow. Only move a king to fill an empty column if it is absolutely necessary. This will open up more chances for you and get closer to winning the game.
  • Use the stock as a last resort. Double check if there are no other moves you can make before taking the cards from your stockpile. It is best to try to use just the tableau cards for as long as possible and save cards from the stockpile for the moment when you have no other options.


Where can I play Scorpion solitaire online?

Our website offers a free version of Scorpion solitaire that you can play on your chosen device. It is the perfect way to practice and sharpen up your Solitaire skills!

Are there different versions of Scorpion solitaire?

Yes, there are some other variations of Scorpion solitaire. ‘Scorpion II’ is very similar to the standard version, but the initial setup can make gameplay slightly easier. ‘Three Blind Mice’ is another version that features ten columns of five cards each, and ‘Wasp’ is almost the same as Scorpion — but any card can be placed in an empty space, not just a king.

Is Scorpion solitaire just a game for older people?

No, Scorpion solitaire can be played by people of all ages! It offers a great mental challenge, and the rules are easy to learn, so don’t let age be a barrier to enjoying this game. Scorpion solitaire is an exciting game for everyone!