Crescent Solitaire Online: The Ultimate Guide 

Crescent Solitaire may not be the most well known form of the game, but this is definitely not due because it isn’t fun to play. There are plenty of places to play crescent solitaire online and though the game can seem intimidating at first, it’s actually really intuitive to pick up. 

Today, we’re going to look at everything you need to know to get started playing cresent solitaire. Let’s jump into it. 

About Crescent Solitaire 

Crescent solitaire is a form of the classic patience game which you can play free online. At first glance, the game may seem complex and tough to play, and while it’s certainly a bit trickier in some ways than more common forms of solitaire, getting to grips with it is easy even for beginners. What’s more, there are plenty of places to play free crescent solitaire online. 

The main difference that sets crescent solitaire apart from the more common form of solitaire is the fact that you are playing with two decks. As a result, you have to complete two sets of four foundations where you would normally only need to complete one. Furthemore, these foundations begin with their starting cards already placed. You do not need to find the aces or the kings to start them off as you would do in Klondike solitaire. 

So, the objective of crescent solitaire classic is essentially the same as ordinary solitaire. However, the overall layout and the way you must approach the game is very different. It’s easy to play crescent solitaire free online, and this will help you understand the layout easily. 

Let’s break down the most important parts of crescent solitaire. 


Crescent solitaire, like all solitaire, features tableaus of cards, the top of which are available for play. In crescent solitaire, there are 16 tableaus, arranged in a crescent shape around the board. Online crescent solitaire can present the tableaus in slightly different designs, but the crescent shape is always there. 

At the start of the game, each tableau is a pile of six cards. Though only the top card is available in crescent solitaire, all cards are face up, so by moving the top card you can look at what the next one is. 

Cards can be moved around to other tableaus if they are of the same suit and either one rank lower or higher. For example, a six of clubs can be placed on either a seven or a five of clubs. In crescent solitaire, you can also wrap the tableaus around, so you can put an ace on top of a king and vice versa. This can be helpful for freeing up the card you need which may be under the top card. 

Classic crescent solitaire allows you to shuffle the tableaus a certain number of times, typically three. This moves the card beneath on to the top of the tableau, freeing it up for play without the need to move the card above it elsewhere. 

That covers everything you need to know about tableaus for online crescent solitaire. Let’s turn our attention to foundations. 


To play crescent solitaire free online, you’ll need to understand how your foundations work. The aim of the game is to get all the cards, by suit, arranged into the eight foundation piles. There are two rows of foundations in open crescent solitaire, the top of which starts with kings and the bottom starts with aces. 

From the top row you build down, and the bottom row you build up. So, you must place a queen on each king, and so on. The bottom row starts with aces, so you must place a two of the correct suit on each spot and build up from there. 

When each foundation is full, you’ve won. You can always move cards out of the foundation back to the tableau if there is a corresponding card for it to go on. 

Crescent solitaire online free is simple in principle, then, but it can be tricky to master. Let’s break down step by step how to play. 

How to Play Crescent Solitaire

Playing crescent solitaire online is really easy. The basics should not be any trouble to pick up even for a completely new player. It’s the mastering of the game that can be tricky. 

Start by surveying your foundations once you’ve got your crescent solitaire free download open. See if anything can be moved into the foundations right away. Crescent solitaire games require a bit more care than other forms of solitaire. It’s easy to get stuck if you aren’t careful with where you place cards. 

It’s important to remember that, like any form of solitaire, there’s elements of luck and strategy in crescent solitaire. You need to be careful and methodical with each and every movement, but you’ve also got to be prepared for any given deal to be unsolvable. 

Moving cards around the tableau to free up cards for the foundations is naturally a really important part of winning, but you want to try and think a few steps ahead in crescent solitaire. 

Let’s turn now to the rules. 

Rules of Crescent Solitaire 

The rules of open crescent solitaire are very simple, but they are at the same time quite different from ordinary solitaire. The main difference in rules is how the tableaus work. Cards must be placed on cards of the same suit, unlike typically where you must place them on an alternate color. 

The redeal, or shuffle, option is also an important part of the rules of crescent solitaire. You must make sure you’ve done everything you can do with the current tableaus, but eventually you will almost certainly need to reshuffle the tableaus to win the game. 

The foundations will start with the kings and aces from the beginning, so you do not need to find them yourself. Let’s now look at our top tips for winning at crescent solitaire. 

Tips to win at Crescent Solitaire

  1. The most important tip to win at open crescent solitaire is to play with care and attention. It’s a game of strategy, and though you may see one play available, it might not be the best one to make at that time. 
  2. Play crescent solitaire online when you first start. This will help you understand what moves you can and can’t make and the layout. 
  3. Try not to build up any one foundation too much. Build them up evenly, this will help you get access to as many cards as possible. 


Players of open crescent solitaire free have a lot of questions, whether they’re new or veteran players of the game. Let’s look at some of the most common ones and their answers.

Is Crescent Solitaire a difficult game to play? 

Crescent solitaire is a somewhat difficult game to play. It can be a bit confusing even if you’re used to ordinary forms of patience such as Klondike. Managing two decks can be tricky, and it’s easy to miss moves you can make. With a bit of practice and experience, though, you can get better and better at crescent solitaire and it can certainly get a whole lot easier. 

Can Crescent Solitaire be played on a computer or mobile device?

Crescent solitaire can easily be played on a computer or mobile device through a browser or application through a free download. Just type the name of the game into your preferred search engine and plenty of options will pop up.  

How many cards are in Crescent Solitaire? 

Crescent solitaire consists of 104 cards – two complete decks. These must be arranged into eight foundations starting from king on one row and ace on the other. 

Is Crescent Solitaire a difficult game to win? 

Crescent solitaire can certainly be a very difficult game to win, there is no two ways about it. Even in a regular game of solitaire with a single deck, the probability of winning is fairly low. When you introduce a second deck, the odds are even further tipped against you and the game becomes a lot more difficult. 

Purely from the standpoint of the odds, then, crescent solitaire is certainly a difficult game to win. Furthermore, every deal can have a varying level of difficulty, and unless you are playing crescent solitaire free online, you have no real way of knowing how difficult it’s going to be. Even the easiest deal is going to be difficult to win, though.