Baker’s 8 Solitaire

When people think of solitaire, each person has their own unique preference in terms of which they enjoy playing the most. While so many variants of solitaire are similar to one another, each one is still unique in its own way, and Baker’s 8 Solitaire is no different. 

Baker’s game Solitaire, as it is sometimes known, is a game that requires both skill and luck, with a little bit of patience thrown in for good measure. It is a game that is not as old as some other card games commonly enjoyed in casinos around the globe, but there is still a whole lot of history behind it. 

Baker’s 8 Solitaire might not be as popular as some other forms of solitaire played online and in casinos worldwide, but it still has a very large fanbase, and it offers players a wealth of rewards and a very exciting gaming experience in the process. 

Thinking of partaking in a game of Baker’s 8 Solitaire? Here’s a look at everything you need to know about Baker’s 8 Solitaire. 

What is Baker’s 8 Solitaire?

Baker’s 8 Solitaire is a game that has been adapted from another solitaire game known as ‘Free Cell’. What made Free Cell so unique was the fact that, unlike a lot of other solitaire variants, the vast majority of deals were solvable. Basically, it was easier than solitaire, which was very tough. 

Baker’s 8 Solitaire is sometimes known as Baker’s Game. It is even older than Free Cell, and the main difference here is that players can build sequences via suit, as opposed to building by alternate colors (red and black). 

Baker Solitaire is tougher to complete than Free Cell, which many solitaire players complained was too easy to complete. 

Baker’s 8 Solitaire gets its name from the fact that an older version of the game was known as ‘Eight Off’. The game was designed by C.L Baker and is now called Baker’s Game. He was taught the game by his father who had learnt the game in an English pub back in the early 1920s. 

How to play Baker’s 8 Solitaire

Baker’s 8 Solitaire is a fairly simple game to play. It is played with a standard 52-card deck, with four open foundations and four open cells. 

Next, the whole deck of cards is dealt from left to right into 8 individual cascades. Four of these cascades are made up of 7 cards whereas the other 4 are made up of 6 cards. The card on the top of each cascade will then begin a tableau which must be built down via the same suit. You can only build foundations up via suit. 

Players are also permitted to move any top card on a cascade to build a tableau or simply to build a new cascade or a foundation. 

Any partially completed tableaus, or completed ones for that matter can be moved to empty cascades or built upon existing tableaus. 

A victory is achieved when a player has moved all of the cards in ascending order via suit, or onto their unique foundation piles. 

Baker’s 8 Solitaire tips

While the game of Baker’s 8 Solitaire isn’t as complex as other solitaire variants out there, Baker’s game solitaire is still difficult, which is why some people look for specific hints and tips. 

To help you master Baker’s 8 solitaire, check out these handy tips. 

Watch tutorials online 

Before you begin playing Baker’s 8 Solitaire for yourself, we recommend that you first take the time to watch tutorials online. Here you can watch people play the game of Baker’s Solitaire, and have them explain their own unique tips and strategies. 

Play a free Solitaire Baker’s Game online 

If you’re thinking of playing Baker’s 8 Solitaire for money, before you start wagering, why not play some free games first? With free Baker’s 8 solitaire games you can not only practice the game, you can also get some experience and see how the game is played. 

Try making the game of Baker’s 8 Silotaire more difficult 

If you want more of a challenge, why not tweak the rules so that only kings are allowed to be placed upon an empty tableau spot? This makes the game harder so, in theory at least, when you play the regular way you, should find it even easier. 


Before we let you get back to becoming the best Baker’s 8 Solitaire player on the planet, we’ll finish off by taking a look at some common FAQs relating to the game. 

How easy is Baker’s 8 Solitaire? 

Baker’s Game Solitaire is fairly difficult. It is estimated that around 75% of all Baker’s 8  Solitaire games are winnable. 

Is Free Cell easier than Baker’s Game? 


Despite Free Cell being based on an early version of Baker’s 8 Solitaire, Free Cell is easier to win. 

Whereas around 75% of all Baker’s 8 Solitaire games are winnable, 100% of all Free Cell games can be won. 

How is Baker’s 8 Solitaire won? 

Players win Baker’s 8 Solitaire when they have built all foundation suits up all the way from aces to kings. At this point, all tableaus will be empty.